Elumena Health Clinics is an evidence informed, patient-first organisation focused on: Sport & Athletic Performance and Performing Artist Health.

We achieve our organisational goals through informed choice, education and clinical services centred around:

Pain & Injury Rehabilitation
Performance Medicine
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Feel Great Services
Years of Community Care

In order to support your performance ambitions, our expert clinicians can assist you in the following areas:

Sport Injury Management
Our clinicians have advanced sport, occupational and manual medicine training and are knowledgeable with occupational demands in sport specific environments. Our team is responsible for the evaluation and management of your injury. Our goals are to reduce your pain, resolve the injury, improve function and prevent re-injury.
Performing Artist Injury Management
We cater to the unique treatment needs of the athlete or performing artist. Your injuries and health concerns are directly assessed by a specially trained practitioner. A treatment course may include home exercise activities, training/practice modifications, padding, taping or bracing or referrals for additional medical services. In some cases, we may request permission to evaluate you on-site/on-stage/or in-training.
Performance Medicine
You're healthy, you're fit, and you're looking for a competitive edge. Integrative conditioning and performance training for dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, multi-sport, and traditional team/individual sport athletes. This level of programming includes, Advanced skills training for athletic & occupational performance and Pre-habilitative therapeutics for injury prevention.
Massage Therapy
Relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Heal your body and de-stress your mind. 30-90 min sessions are available.
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture. Rapid results with the best combination of current science and traditional eastern medicine.
Your lead clinician will design your treatment plan specifically for you and your goals. Our practitioners are trained in neurofunctional sports performance with real world experience in sport and the performing arts.
Performing Artist Health
Musicians, Theatrical/Stage Performers, Dancers, Vocalists, and Circus Artists/Acrobats. Your health concerns are directly assessed by a specially trained practitioner. We'll answer any questions you have and address strategies for health and prevention. (hearing, bone, chronic injury etc)
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Eat well, recover well and perform GREAT! Functional nutrition and lifestyle programs to improve your athletic and sport performance. Our included programs also include those specially designed for performing artists and chronic disease considerations.
Custom Orthotic Therapy
Functional Foot Orthotic Devices (foam casted) - Includes assesment, gait/foot evaluation, education, dispensing and free followups.
Custom Compression Garments
Custom compression garments and therapy. For acute or long term Vein Disease, Varicose/Spider Veins, Deep Vein Thrombosis/Clot, Ulcers, Lymphedema/Swelling, Pregnancy, Travel and Sport Performance/Recovery.
Motor Vehicle Collision Treatment
Injured in an Auto Accident? Start here for multidisciplinary assessment and treatment. We work together with your medical and legal teams to get you back on your feet!
Concussion Treatment & Management
This is your first step after an injury. We'll find out what needs to be done to facilitate a speedy recovery. Suffering from headaches, dizziness, 'fogginess', sleep disturbances and other symptoms following an injury? From acute or chronic and persistent injury. From assessment to treatment to exertion and return to activity. You're in the right place.
Concussion Baseline Testing
A snapshot of your brain's functional status. Includes testing for neurocognitive function, visual and balance system function. The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation recommends yearly baseline testing for those engage in high risk activity. Available for groups and individuals.
Conditioning & Fitness
A systematic, progressive and necessary component for improved power, strength and flexibility. A key component of performance medicine for artists and athletes alike. Available for groups or individuals.
Corporate Health & Wellness
Organisational health programs reduce costs due to illness and injury. From small to medium sized businesses, our clients benefit from: Private and confidential needs analysis; Professional on-site services; Educational workshops/seminars/lunch & learns; Ergonomic evaluations; Wellness program development/implementation; and Health & preventative screenings.
Team & Organisational Services
Well planned and all encompassing on-site and off-site services for Injury Prevention, Injury Treatment, Educational Presentations and more. Available for most sport organisations or performing arts companies.

Improving Human Performance

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